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Title | Pipe Gateway Agreement

Customer users are asked to accept or decline the Title | Pipe Gateway Agreement.  Accepting the agreement allows the customer to use the full set of features available in the platform.  Declining the agreement will allow the customer to proceed with limited functionality.  The cost associated with the Gateway Agreement is $50 per transaction.  More specifically:

Accepting the Gateway Agreement enables the following:

  • Transmit sensitive information in a secure encrypted environment
  • Protection against wire fraud.
  • Insured against data breach.
  • Eliminate closing surprises or delays.
  • Secure storage of transaction information and documents during AND after closing.
  • Track transaction status and participant activities.

Declining the Gateway Agreement creates the following risks

  • Other transaction participants may use unencrypted methods to communicate on your behalf.
  • You may be a target for email wire fraud and may need to protect your own funds.
  • Certain features will not be available for use when participating in your transaction.
  • No document archival will be included.

Agents, Transaction Coordinators or Mortgage brokers may cover the gateway agreement on behalf of their client.  For more information on how this works, go to Can I cover the Gateway fee on behalf of my client?