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Can I cover the Gateway Fee for my Client?

We are often contacted by Agents and Loan Officers that wish to cover the gateway fee for their clients.  Should Agents and/or Loan officers choose, they can elect to cover the gateway fee for their clients and the process for doing so is detailed below:

  • Instruct your client to Accept the gateway agreement
  • Notify your Escrow Officer/Settlement Agent that you will cover the gateway fee for your client.

The Escrow Officer/Settlement Agent will adjust the closing costs accordingly and your client will not be charged the fee at closing.  

There is no cost to register a new account and Industry users working for the benefit of their customers (Buyers, Seller or Borrowers) are granted full feature access under the Title | Pipe Terms of Service. For active transactions, a standard Title | Pipe Gateway Fee of $50 is charged to the customer and is collected as a cost of closing through settlement. Customers are not charged if the transaction is terminated or canceled.

Customer may either accept or decline the gateway fee when joining a transaction - and may proceed in using Title | Pipe if they decline with some features being restricted.  

If you have any questions or need additional assistance in this regard, please submit a ticket (click here) or contact us at support@titlepipe.com 


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