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How can I tell what my closing costs are?

In both purchase transactions and refinance transactions estimated closing costs will be determined by your Escrow Officer or Settlement Agent and will be listed in the transaction details.  To view your estimated closing costs, please complete the following steps:

  • Log in to Title | Pipe™ and select the appropriate transaction from your transaction list
  • From the Transaction Details page, select the "Details" tab on the right side panel


  • Your estimated closing costs will be listed at the top of the transaction details


  • Closing costs that do not include a "-" indicates that you will receive funds from closing.   
  • Closing costs noted with a "-" indicates that you will need to bring funds (or provide in advance) to closing

Important Note:  Be sure to select the Funds tab to access the secure funding details for your transaction.  For details on how to Receive Funds from Closing OR Send Funds to Closing, click here.

Important note:  Estimated closing costs are only viewable by authorized transaction participants.  More specifically, closing costs for buyers are not viewable to sellers and vice-versa.  

If your Estimated Closing Costs are not listed in the transaction details, it means your Escrow Officer/Settlement agent has not determined these costs.  If you have questions you can contact your Escrow Officer/Settlement Agent directly by clicking on their image in the list of transaction participants and accessing their contact information or by assigning a task to them requesting this information.  

For more information on how to create a task, click here.