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How do I remove someone (or myself) from the transaction in Title | Pipe™?

Please note that for security reasons, only the Escrow Officer or the Escrow Officer Assistant can remove a transaction participant from a transaction. If you are not the Escrow Officer/Escrow Officer Assistant and wish to have a transaction participant removed you will need to assign a task to the Escrow Officer/Escrow Officer Assistant with this request. For information on how to assign a task, click here.

If you are the Escrow Officer/Escrow Officer Assistant, the steps for removing a transaction participant are noted below.

  • Go to the transaction page and click on the Plus__2_.jpg icon in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Select the "X" beside the participant you wish to remove and complete the confirmation step 


  • The participant will be removed from the transaction and a notification will be sent to the participant notifying them that they have been removed

  • Important Note - transaction participants do have the ability to remove themselves from a transaction following the same steps listed above.  If you remove your self you will no longer received notifications associated with the transaction nor will the transaction be viewable under My Transactions.  

Please note that a record of all transaction activities is kept in the Activity Feed, including the adding and removing of transaction participants.  For more information on the Activity Feed, click here.