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How do I update transaction details?

Each transaction in Title | Pipe™ contains the unique details associated with this transaction.  This includes such items as the property address, estimated settlement date, accommodations and a number of other important details.  Transaction details may be updated by authorized transaction participants.

If you wish to edit the transaction details, please follow the steps below:

  • Log into Title | Pipe™ and select the appropriate transaction
  • On the right-side panel, select the "Details" tab


  • Select the edit icon


  • Edit the appropriate field. and select "Save"
    • Important Note: Certain transaction details can be modified only by the Escrow Officer/Settlement Agent and their assistants.  If there is a field that you wish to edit but you are unable to, you can request the edit by submitting a task to them.  For details on creating a task, click here.  


  • The details will be saved and a green success message will briefly appear in the upper right corner.   A notification message will be sent to transaction participants informing them of the change.  

Two important notes when updating details:

  • Title | Pipe™ security and control features ensure that only certain transaction participants can view and/or edit transaction details.  If there is a detail that you wish to edit but do not have the ability to when following the instructions above, please contact your Escrow Officer/Settlement Agent.

  • Additionally, any changes to the transaction details are logged in the transaction Activity Feed.