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Groups - Empowering your transaction team

Real estate professionals often work within a team when handling real estate transactions - examples of this are Escrow Assistants who work with Escrow officers, Loan Officers/Originators who work with processors and assistants, and Agents that work with TCs/Agent Assistants.  With the Title | Pipe Groups feature you can ensure that your transaction team is included in all your transactions. 

Group Features:

  • Groups are associated with Roles.  You can create a group for each role that you have in your Account Profile.  
  • Adding a user(s) to your group allows other users to invite your group when inviting your to a transaction.
  • When starting a new order you will be prompted to add your group to quickly invite them to your transaction.

The process to set up a Group is detailed below:

  • Log in to your account and in the upper right corner select Profile
  • From the My Account page, select the blue Groups icon rest.png chrome_q0iImmqMAb.png
  • From the Group modal, search for the user you wish to add to your Group (only existing users can be added to a group.  Select the role the Group User will have on your transactions and then select the blue rest.png icon to add the user to your Group.
  • When you have added all the group members, select Save in the Group modal
  • The Group icon will show the number of users in your group and when selected, will show the specific group user.