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Update Document Permissions

As the document owner or editor, you can update the document permissions to enable view/edit permissions for transaction participants as needed.  The process for updating the document permissions involves the three quick steps below:

  • From the transaction details page, select the "edit" option on the appropriate document card from the list of documents.  This will open the document settings menu.


  • On the document setting menu, go to "Permissions".  Search and select the appropriate transaction participant(s)


  • After selecting the appropriate transaction participants you will need to assign View or Edit permissions.  


  • Select "Save" and the transaction participant will be notified regarding the change in permissions and can access the document accordingly.

**Important Note:  The key difference between View and Edit permissions is the ability to make additional changes to the document permissions. Users with either View or Edit permissions can view the document, download the document, view comments and add comments. A user with Edit permissions can also edit the document settings such as document name, document type, and assign new permissions to other transaction participants.

The document owner is the user that initially uploaded the document and by default has Edit permissions. When you upload a new document you can assign permissions at that time as well as modify permissions later as appropriate.