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Can I cover the Gateway Fee for my Client? - YES, here is how!

We are often contacted by Agents and Loan Officers that wish to cover the gateway fee for their clients.  Should Agents and/or Loan officers choose, they can elect to cover the gateway fee for their clients and the process for doing so is detailed below.  There are two methods for accomplishing this.

  1. (RECOMMENDED) Enroll in a subscription to Title Pipe in the application or at https://www.titlepipe.com/price/
    • Fully credits your customers gateway fee giving them all rights defined in the Gateway Fee Agreement
    • Acknowledged you as their sponsor
  2. Notify the transaction closing agent you will cover  the gateway fee for your client.
    • Instruct your client to Accept the gateway agreement
    • Notify your Escrow Officer/Settlement Agent that you will cover the gateway fee for your client.
      The Escrow Officer/Settlement Agent will adjust the closing costs accordingly and your client will not be charged the fee at closing.  

There is no cost to register a new account and Industry users working for the benefit of their customers (Buyers, Seller or Borrowers) are granted full feature access under the Title | Pipe Terms of Service. For active transactions, a standard Title | Pipe Gateway Fee of $50 is charged to the customer and is collected as a cost of closing through settlement. Customers are not charged if the transaction is terminated or canceled.

Customer may either accept or decline the gateway fee when joining a transaction - and may proceed in using Title | Pipe if they decline with some features being restricted.  

If you have any questions or need additional assistance in this regard, please submit a ticket (click here) or contact us at support@titlepipe.com