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Branch Funding Details for Title | Pipe™

Real Estate transactions involve two types of participants 

  1. Customers - the buyers, sellers and in the case of a refinance, borrowers.  
  2. Industry Professionals - Agents, Brokers, Settlement Professionals, Lending Professionals and a number of other professionals whose work involves real estate transactions.

In the real estate industry, real estate companies have branches associated with them.   Title | Pipe™ allows industry professionals to create, manage and update their respective company and branch profiles. 

Funding details for a given company in Title | Pipe™ are set at the Branch level.  This enables real estate companies to set branch-specific funding details when and where appropriate.  Please note the following regarding Branch Funding Details:

  • Only the Branch Manager may edit the Branch details, including and especially, Branch Funding Information
  • Title | Pipe™ allows branches to select from common funding methods such as Wire Transfers, Cashiers Check, Personal Check and allows Branches to create alternative funding options such as Direct Deposit and cryptocurrency exchange if they so choose
  • Branch Funding Details are only accessible to authorized transaction participants inside the Title | Pipe™ application and are never sent outside the application

If you are the Branch Manager and wish to add or edit your Branch Funding Details, please follow the steps below

  • Log into Title | Pipe™ and select My Company at the top of the transaction


  • Select the setings.jpg edit icon on the branch (if you are the Branch Manager of multiple branches, be sure to select the correct branch)


  • Scroll down to "Payment Preferences" 


  • Select the applicable Funds Receiving methods and edit the details.  These funding options will be provided to transaction participants when funds need to be submitted to settlement for closing


  • Select the applicable Funds Disbursement Capabilities and edit the details.  These funding options will be provided to transaction participants for funds disbursed from settlement for closing


  • Select "Save Branch Profile" and the branch funding instructions will be updated and will be available for secure use with all transactions associated with your branch


  • Please note that the Branch Funding Details will be updated with a date/time stamp and link to our profile in Title | Pipe™ for verification and authentication purposes

For an overview on Companies and Branches in Title | Pipe™, click here.