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How is transaction status updated?

Title | Pipe™ allows Escrow Officers/Settlement Agents and their assistants to update the status of any transaction they are associated with.  Each real estate transaction is unique, hence the flexibility in enabling these users to set and update transaction status based the specific needs of the transaction.  Please note the following as it relates to transaction status:

  • Log In to Title | Pipe and select the appropriate transaction from the My Transactions page


  • Accepted by Escrow is the default status and will show when the Escrow Officer/Settlement Agent joins the transaction from an invite or creates the transaction


  • Transaction participants can view details about each transaction state by hovering over each status
  • Current transaction status is color coded dark blue on the transaction details page and listed in the status column for My Transactions
  • Transaction status is updated by the Escrow Officer/Settlement Agent by selecting the appropriate status


  • Notification of the update to transaction status will be sent automatically to all transaction participants