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How do I add an additional buyer, seller or borrower to a transaction in Title | Pipe™?

Additional buyers or sellers in a purchase transaction can be added when the transaction is first submitted or anytime thereafter. If including additional buyers/sellers when submitting a new order, simply select the "add additional buyer" or "add additional seller" as appropriate and fill in the required fields. If the email address is known and included when submitting the new order, the additional buyer/seller will be invited to the transaction when the order is submitted.

Adding the additional buyer/seller after the transaction has been created is simple, please see the steps below to complete this activity:

  • Log in and select the appropriate transaction on My Transactions
  • In the upper right side of the transaction details page select the Plus__2_.jpg icon and the invite modal will open 
  • In the top right corner of the invite modal, select the "+ Invite Additional Members" 


  • In the search field, input the attorney name or email.  
    • If they are an existing Title | Pipe™ user, you will be given the option to add them to the invite.
    • If the attorney is a new Title | Pipe™ user, select "Create Invite"


  • Select the appropriate role under Buyer, Seller, or Borrower to ensure access to the appropriate side of the transaction


  • Select mceclip3.png when the information has been added
  • Select mceclip4.pngand the participant will receive an invite to the transaction and can join as appropriate