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What does "Pending Approval" mean?

Ensuring that the right transaction participants are participating in a given transaction is an important part of the transaction closing process.  Title | Pipe™ uses a number of dynamic and user authenticated protocols to ensure the correct participants are included in a transaction.  In some cases, the Escrow Officer/Settlement Agent is required to approve a transaction participant into a transaction.  

If you have been invited to a transaction, completed the on-boarding process and see that you are "Pending Approval" it means that the Escrow Officer/Settlement Agent is required to approve your participation.  It is important to note that Escrow Officers/Settlement Agents receive an automatic notifications and reminds to approve transaction participants.  

In addition, you can click on your pending approval transactions in your My Transaction view and the contact information for your Escrow Officer/Settlement Agent will be provided so you can contact them directly if you wish to do so.