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What does transaction onboarding mean in Title | Pipe™?

Transaction onboarding is the process that each transaction participant goes through in order to join a specific transaction.  Title | Pipe™ uses a secure and proprietary Load-Balanced onboarding process minimizes the effort associated with determining and verifying transaction details.  

Current tools require extensive work by each participant to track down and verify transaction information.  This creates an "unbalanced" load of time, effort and energy for all transaction participants.  Title|Pipe’s secure and proprietary onboarding and transaction management tools ensure a more balanced load (i.e. less time/effort to access and verify accurate transaction information) during the transaction closing process.

For more information on Title | Pipe™'s secure and proprietary onboarding process you can go to our website at www.titlepipe.com or contact us at support@titlepipe.com.