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How do I create a task?

Tasks are used in Title | Pipe™ to enable transaction participants to request specific information, documents or other items from other transaction participants.  Creating a task in Title I Pipe™ is simple. Please follow the steps below to create a task: 

  • Open the transaction for which the task will be associated with
  • Select the "Task" tab on the right side  panel of the transaction page, select "Create Task" 


  • Select Task Type


  • Select the Task Asset, if applicable


  • The Task Title and Description will be pre-populated based upon Task Type and you may edit these fields if you wish and Select Due Date

  • From Assign Task, select the appropriate transaction participant to assign the task to
    • You may also add one or more viewers to the task
  • Select the "Save" button at the bottom of the task and the task will be assigned to the assignee
  • Task notification will be sent to the task assignee and task viewer(s) that includes the Task Title, Due Date and Task details

    *The Title | Pipe intelligent tasking system allows you to create standard tasks with a minimum of clicks to make tasking efforts more efficient.  However you have the option to create a custom task - in which no fields will be pre-populated and you can input the fields as appropriate.  Simply select "Create Custom Task" as the task type and input the appropriate details and select "Save".