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Document Versions in Title | Pipe™

Often through the course of a real estate transaction a document will be updated and a new version of that document is created and for document management purposes the previous version will need to be maintained.  Updating a contract with new information, signing a document and updating disclosures are all examples of documents that are often updated through the course of a transaction with a new version, while needing to maintain the previous version(s).

Title I Pipe™ makes it easy to manage document versions.  To add a new version of an existing document, please follow the steps below:

  • Drag & drop the new version over the old version


  • If needed, you can modify/update any document permissions - Select save at the bottom of document settings

  • Authorized transaction participants with View or Modify permissions will be automatically notified that a new document version is available. 
  • All previous document version remain available to authorized transaction participants.