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I have invited someone to the transaction, but they have not accepted the invite - what do I do?

In instances in which an invitee is not accepting the invite, there are a couple of trouble shooting tips that we recommend. The first and perhaps obvious step is to confirm that the correct email address was used to send out the invite.

If the email used in the initial invite was incorrect, select the "X" next to the invitee's name in the invite list. This will delete the invitation and you can re-send the invitation using the correct email address.  If the email address is correct and you wish to re-send the invite again, you can do so following these steps:

  • Log in and select the appropriate transaction on My Transactions
  • In the upper right side of the transaction details page select the Plus__2_.jpg icon and the invite modal will open
  • Go to the Invited tab to find the list of pending invited transaction participants


  • Click on the blue text indicating when the invite was last sent


  • Select "Yes" to resend the invite


  • A green pop-up message will appear indicating the invite has been resent.


Additionally, You can select the icon next to the invite name to view additional contact information for the invitee that can be used to contact them directly

mceclip4.png                                          mceclip5.png

Please note that Title | Pipe™ will automatically send a daily reminders for three consecutive days to prompt the invitee to join the transaction.