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Title | Pipe™ for Transaction Coordinators

Title I Pipe™ was designed to help real estate professionals just like you manage the various elements of each transaction. As a Transaction Coordinator you know all to well the challenges associated with determining, verifying and sharing important transaction details and documents to ensure a smooth and efficient closing process. 

Each real estate transaction is unique - containing a number of variables that often change through the course of closing the transaction. From the time a contract is signed until the transaction closes there are a number of moving parts to each and every transaction. Different participants, transaction updates, document changes and so on...and handling these details often feels like herding cats. Added to that are security threats seeking to undermine your efforts and high-jack valuable information including funding details and identity information. It is a challenging landscape and we at Title I Pipe™ are here to help. We have built a secure communication gateway that allows you to manage all your transactions - and the unique aspects of each transactions in a safe and efficient manner. You and your agents can submit orders directly into Title I Pipe™ and assign an existing settlement officer or invite a new one of your choice. The unique set of participants is invited to the specific transaction, inputting details, providing updates and completing tasks all in one safe and secure environment. Users are automatically notified of your invites, task assignments, document changes and transaction updates. Say Good Bye to old, insecure and clunky tools and Hello to Title I Pipe™.