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Escrow Officer and Transaction Approval

Escrow Officers and Settlement Agents are a critical element to any real estate transaction and function as the "gatekeeper" for the transaction closing process.  The Escrow Officer/Settlement Agent roles in Title | Pipe™ enable a number of features that allow them to manage this "gateway" function efficiently and securely.  One of the most important aspects of this functionality is the ability to determine who participates in an individual transaction.  

As a part of this there are some instances in which Escrow Officers/Assistants are required to approve transaction participants that were invited by another transaction participant.  This ensures that the Escrow Officer is both made aware of who is participating and determine if they should participate or not.  

Escrow Officers/Settlement Agents will automatically be notified if approval is needed and will be prompted to approval pending transaction participants.   More specifically:

  • Transaction participants that need approval will be noted as their profile picture will be outlined with a red circle in the My Transactions list and the Transaction Details page.  


  • Select the appropriate transaction and the invite modal will appear on the right side of the transaction details page


  • Select "Approve" or "Deny" as appropriate.  You may select the user name/icon for more detailed information on the individual


  • Anytime there is a transaction participant that is awaiting approval a notification will be sent to the Escrow Officer/Escrow Officer Assistant according to their notification preferences (email or text) and the notification will also be listed in in the application