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How do Funding Details work in Title | Pipe™?

Real Estate transactions contain various funding details for both individuals and organizations - and these details vary from one transaction to the next. On top of that there are various funding instruments that can be used in a Real Estate transaction from Federal Reserve Wires, Cashiers Checks, Personal Checks and other forms of payment can be used in a given transaction. Understanding the financial details and the proper funding instruments available can be confusing...and potentially dangerous if this information gets into the wrong hands. Fortunately, Title I Pipe™ was built with handling funding information in a safe and efficient manner that allows all transaction participants to readily understand the financial details that apply to them and what funding instruments are available to be used.

Each transaction in Title I Pipe™ has a "Funds" tab and it is in this section that the funding details for your transaction are managed. No funding information is ever sent out via Title I Pipe™ - rather all funding information is housed securely in Title I Pipe™ and made available to only the responsible parties necessary. Title I Pipe™ separates the funding information into two distinct categories - Receive Funds from Closing and Send Funds to Closing. For more information on how Title | Pipe™ handles funding information, please see the following articles: