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How do I invite a Branch Manager?

Inviting or designating a Branch Manager is required when setting up a Company/Branch.  Additionally, a Branch Manager can be invited to an existing Branch.  The process for completing these steps is defined below:

Inviting a Branch Manager when creating a Company/Branch - Click here for instructions on adding/assigning a Branch Manager when creating a Company/Branch.

In order to invite a Branch Manager to an existing Company/Branch, please follow these steps:

**Important Note:  Only the Branch Manager or Company Admin may invite staff to an existing Company/Branch.  If you are not the Branch Manager or Company Admin, you will need to contact them directly to complete the steps below.

  • Log in to Title | Pipe
  • Select "Company" in the top header
  • From the Company page, the branches will be listed at the top of the page, select the Vector.jpg icon to view the branch details
  • Select "Add an Employee" or the plus.jpg icon 
  • The "Invite Employees" modal will appear.  You will need to search for the employee to see if they have an existing account.  Select the employee if found or select "Create Invite" if you do not find them.
  • Enter the name, contact information.  Please be sure to select Branch Manager as their role.
  • Select "Send Invites" and the Branch Manager will be automatically invited to the Branch and prompted to join.