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How do comments work in Title | Pipe™ for documents?

Transaction participants can add comments to documents that are associated with their transactions.  More specifically:

Document Comments:  Transaction participants who have View or Edit permissions on a document can make comments on the document itself. To comment on a document: 

  • Open the document you wish to comment on
  • At the bottom of document window is a document comment element, input your document comments and select the commentarrow.jpg icon to submit your comment
  • Your comment will appear on the document and the document audience will receive a notification regarding your comment.

Comments are used on both documents and tasks to allow transaction participants to communicate directly on the document or task itself. When commenting on a document or on a task, the following occurs: -

  • Once the comment is submitted, the comment will be associated with the document. This means that that document audience (those with view or modify permissions to the document will be able to see the comment when the document is opened. 
  • A notification will be sent to the document audience automatically. The notification will include who made the comment, the comment itself and the document the comment is associated with.
  • Comments can be deleted and they will be removed from the document accordingly. However a record of the comment and the comment deletion is kept in the activity feed for auditing purposes.