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How do I e-sign a document in Title | Pipe™?

Title | Pipe™ provides e-sign capabilities via our integration with DocuSign. If you have a document that requires your e-signature, please complete the following steps:

  • Log in to Title | Pipe™ to access the transaction document that needs to be e-signed 
  • Documents that require your e-signature will automatically generate a task in your task list, select this task from your task list 
  • Select "Click Here" in the task to e-sign the document 
  • A new tab will open displaying the document that requires your signature
  • Select "Start" and follow the prompts to sign/initial the document
  • When the e-sign is complete, select "Finish" and close the tab that contains the document
  • Return to Title | Pipe™, go to the e-sign task and select the check mark - turning it green. This completed the task and the document owner will be notified automatically that you have e-signed the document.