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What is the Activity Feed in Title | Pipe™?

The Activity Feed is the log of all activity associated with your transaction .  It is located in the upper right section (above transaction participants) on the transaction details page.



The Activity Feed includes information on the activity itself, which transaction participant executed the activity and the date/time that the activity occurred. 


The purpose of the Activity Feed is two-fold:

  • Create an audit trail for all activity associated with an individual transaction that ensure all transaction participants are aware of what actions are being taken and by whom. 
  • Enable the use of Bookmarks for high volume users. Escrow Officers, Real Estate Agents, Transaction Coordinators and their staff often handle dozens and dozens of transactions at the same time. The Bookmark feature allows users to quickly "Bookmark" where they left a transaction and the user can use this Bookmark to quickly review the transaction activities since they last accessed the transaction.

    The Bookmark feature is easy to use.  Simply open the File_Number.jpg in the upper right corner of the transaction and then select the hover.jpg to place your Bookmark in the Activity Feed.