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Can I submit a new order with only the required fields completed? How will the remaining information be added?

Yes. New Orders can only be submitted by Escrow Officers, Escrow Assistants, Loan Officers and/or Real Estate Agents - and only the required items are needed to complete the submittal of a new order.  These items are noted with a red "*" on the new order form.

The additional transaction details will be populated via the Title | Pipe™ proprietary on-boarding process.  More specifically, as the invited participants join the transaction they will be prompted to provide additional transaction details relevant to the transaction.  As an example, when a buyer or seller joins the transaction they will be prompted to see if any accommodations are needed at closing such as Remote Signing or Power of Attorney.  Additionally, transaction participants can use the Tasks feature on the transaction details page to request additional transaction details as needed.  For additional information on how Tasks work in Title | Pipe™, please see these additional help articles.