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What is the difference between a Branch Manager and a Title Manager for Settlement industry in Title | Pipe™?

The Branch Manager role is for the user that has oversight over a specific branch within any type of Company - Settlement Companies, Brokerages, Transaction Coordinator Companies all have a branch manager role. The Branch manager is a universal role that has a specific set of privileges for the branch.  However the Title Manager role is specific to the Settlement industry.

Title | Pipe™ has multiple industry roles to account for the various functions/needs of transaction participants.  Most of these roles can be easily understood with the name of the role.  In order to ensure there is no confusion between the Branch Manager role and the Title Manager for title companies, we have provided a detailed breakdown of the differences.  In general, the Branch Manager role is for the user that has oversight over a specific branch within a Company. More specifically the Branch Manager can: 

  • Update branch details including address, logo, branch website url and phone number 
  • Update branch specific funding details for how the branch can send/receive funds 
  • Update branch licensing information 
  • Add/remove staff to branch 
  • Invite Company Admin 
  • View transactions associated with Branch member staff 
  • A Branch can have multiple branch managers associated with it
  • A user can be a Branch Manager for multiple branches

The Title Manager role is specific to the Title industry.  This role is similar to the Branch Manager in terms of viewing transactions across a Company/Branch but does not have the same editing privileges.  More specifically the Title Manager role can: 

  • View Company/Branch details 
  • View transactions for all Title Officers at their branch 
  • Title Managers that also function as Title Officers on specific transactions transactions in Title|Pipe™ will need to add the Title Officer role to their profile. For more information adding a role to your profile, CLICK HERE