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Bookkeeping in Title | Pipe™

Title | Pipe™ provides Escrow and Settlement professionals with a single source location for the information to accurately and effectively complete the funds disbursement process.  Escrow Offices and Settlement agents can view the funding preferences for each of their transaction participants by selecting the "Funds" tab on a given transaction.   The funding preference and details are listed for each transaction participant.  In instances in which funds are due, but the funding info is not present Escrow Officer/Settlement agent can quick task the user with a request to update funding details.  The user will instantly receive a notification (according to that users preferred contact method notifying them of the request to update funds and quick access to complete the task.  Once the user updates their funding information, the Escrow Officer/Settlement Agent is automatically notified that the funding details have been updated.   

Escrow Officers and their Assistants can view the transaction funding details by selecting the Funds Disbursement tab under Funding on the Transaction Details page