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Who can use Title | Pipe™?

Title | Pipe™ is designed for use by anyone involved in a Real Estate transaction. Real Estate transactions are complex and can potential involve a number of different transaction variables and transaction participants.  Title | Pipe™ is built to create an agnostic, efficient and secure communication gateway that leverages proprietary technology to ensure that the right information is conveyed to the right participants in your transaction.  Title | Pipe™ includes roles for all types of transaction participants included; Brokers , Real Estate Agents, Settlement Agents, Transaction Coordinators, Title Officers, Qualified Intermediaries, Loan Officers, Assistants, Closers and most importantly buyers, borrowers and sellers as individuals or as entities.  All of these transaction participants - and many more - can leverage Title | Pipe™ to ensure safe and efficient real estate transactions. 

For more information on how Title | Pipe can be used in different roles you can check our our Real Estate Professionals section on our support page or contact us at support@titlepipe.com