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What is My Profile in Title | Pipe™?

"My Profile" in Title | Pipe™ is your specific account information.  You can access your profile by clicking the icon in the upper right hand corner in Title | Pipe™.  Your profile contains the following account details:

  • Name & Contact information - Name & Email are required account details.  
  • Your Role(s) in a transaction - Users may have more than one Role.  For more details on roles, click HERE.
  • Notification preferences - Use these options to adjust how you would like to received notifications on your transactions
  • Log-In Information - Dual authentication is a security protocol used by Title | Pipe™.  There are default settings that require dual authentication and you can adjust these settings for additional security if your prefer.  
  • Change password - If/when you want to update your password, select this option and follow the prompts.
  • Add/edit Profile Picture - our profile picture will be viewable to other users in your Company/Branch and in any transactions you participate in.  

    For information on how to update you profile, click HERE.