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What is the difference between My Role and My Profile in Title | Pipe™?

My Profile in Title | Pipe™ is contains the account information that is specific to you.  This information is used to create your account profile.

My Role(s) are an aspect of your account profile.  More specifically the Role is used to define the role you have in a given transaction (i.e. buyer, Escrow Officer, Agent...etc).  Different roles require that you include role specific information.  For example if you select the Role of Real Estate Agent, you are required to note the state in which you are licensed - and you will have the option of including your Agent License # and NRDS number.  

Individual users may have more than one role associated with their profile depending upon how they participate in real estate transactions.  

Although not required, Industry Users are encouraged to include their license details that are associated with their role as these items will be viewable to other users in the transactions that you participate in.