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What is the difference between a Branch Manager and a Company Admin in Title | Pipe™?

All Company/Branch entities in Title | Pipe™ require a Company Admin and a Branch Manager user that is associated with that entity.  Although only one is required, Companies may have multiple company admins and Branches may have multiple Branch Managers - depending upon the unique characteristics of that entity.  There are some important differences between the Company Admin and the Branch Manager.  More specifically:

The Branch Manager role is for the user that has oversight over a specific branch within a Company. The Branch Manager can: 

  • Update/edit branch details including address, logo, branch website url and phone number 
  • Update/edit branch specific funding details for how the branch can send/receive funds 
  • Update/edit branch licensing information 
  • Add/remove staff to branch 
  • Invite Company Admin & Branch Managers
  • View transactions associated with Branch member staff 
  • Important note*: A Branch can have multiple branch managers associated with it. A user can be a Branch Manager for multiple branches

The Company Admin role is for the user that has oversight over the organization as a whole. More specifically the Company Admin can:

  • Update company details including company address, company website url, logo and phone number
  • Update company licensing information 
  • Invite/Assign Company Admins 
  • Invite/Assign Branch Managers