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How do I add an employee to our company/branch in Title | Pipe™?

Only the Company Admin or Branch Manager can add employees to a Company/Branch in Title | Pipe™.  Company Admins can add employees to ANY branch of their Company.  Branch Managers may only add employees to their respective branch.  If you are a Company Admin or Branch Manager, please complete the steps below.

If you are not the Branch Manager and would like to have your branch colleagues added to your branch, please contact your Branch Manager directly to make the request.

**Important note - if you need to add a branch colleague to your transaction, you may do so by inviting them directly to the transaction. For more information on "Transaction Invites" please click HERE for additional information.

Company Admin or Branch Manager

If you are the Company Admin or Branch Manager, you may invite you staff to Title I Pipe™ via the following steps: --

  • Go to My Company 


  • Select the branch you wish to invite the employee to.


  • Select "Add New Employee" (Note: Branch Managers will only see this option for their Branch.  Company Admin will see this option for all branches).


  • Search for employee.  Existing users will be listed in search results.  If new user, select "+Create Invite"


  • Input employee information


  • Select "+Add Participant" after inputting employee information


  • Add additional employees as appropriate
  • When all employees have been added, select "Send Invites


  • Your branch staff will receive an email notification with instructions to join Title | Pipe™

As your staff members complete the on-boarding process you will be notified via Title | Pipe™ to either approve or deny their application to the branch. Pending staff will appear under the "View Branch" option and you can either select "Approve" or Deny" for any pending staff. If you approve them, staff will be notified and will be listed under the branch and viewable to other branch members. If you select "Deny" the staff member will be notified via Title | Pipe™ that their application was denied and they will need to re-apply if appropriate.