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How do I start using Title | Pipe™?

Title | Pipe™ was built with ease of use in mind. If you have been invited to a transaction via email, following the instructions for sign up in the email invite.

If you are looking to create a Title | Pipe™ account for the first time and have not been invited to a transaction, select the "Sign Up" option and follow these steps - Instructions to Sign Up for First Time Users.


If you have been invited to a transaction as a first time user, select the "Access Transaction" link in the email invite and follow these steps - Instructions for Invited First Time Users.


Quick Tips

  • Role Profiles - Select the role that applies to you.  Additional roles may be added as needed.  For more information on roles, click HERE
  • Notifications - Select the notification methods that your prefer - customize to meet your needs.
  • Profile Picture - Create more visibility by adding a profile picture of your choice
  • Industry users will be prompted to associate with an existing company or create a new company.  For more details click HERE.

Once you have your account set up, you will be able to access the transaction you were invited to, as well as any additional transactions you are invited to in the future. If you are signing up as an Real Estate Agent, Escrow Officer or Loan Officer, you will also have the option to create transactions and invite others.

If you have any questions about how to start using Title | Pipe™, please contact us at support@titlepipe.com