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What is the difference between an "Industry User" and a "Customer User"

The terms "Industry User" and "Customer User" are used as a broad definition for a set of user roles in Title | Pipe™.  More specifically:

  • Industry Users are roles that represent professionals in the real estate industry such as Agents, Assistants, Brokers, Transaction Coordinators, Escrow professionals, Title professionals, Lending professionals and other professionals roles that can be associated with a given real estate transaction.  These roles are associated with a Company and Branch profile in Title | Pipe™.

  • Customer users are roles that represent the buyer(s), seller(s) or borrower(s) in a given real estate transaction.  These roles are typically not associated with a Company or Branch in Title | Pipe™.  However in some transactions such as those transactions that involve a real estate trust or a customer "entity" there will be a Company association.