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Company/Branch Overview

Title | Pipe™ allows industry users and commercial entities to set up Company and Branch profiles that mirror their organizational structure. More specifically:

  • The Company profile is the umbrella or "shell" under which the various branches and staff members are organized. The Company profile contains information on the organization HQ, company branding and the Company Admin(s).
  • Within each Company, Branches can be created using the same information from the company profile or from information that is specific to the branch. The branch level contains items such as branch address, branch specific branding and branch specific funding information.
  • Branch Managers can modify branch details and set up branch employees in Title | Pipe™. Additionally, only the branch manager can update or modify the funding details for their specific branch. This ensure that branch specific financial details, such as wire instructions, check options and other funding details are managed in a secure manner across the entire branch.
  • Individual buyers/sellers on purchase transactions or individual borrowers on re-finance transactions are not typically associated with a Company/Branch profile and these users can directly update their funding information with each transaction that they participate in.

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